Wassily Kandinsky (research)

Wassily Kandinsky is one of my favorite painters and the one I draw a lot of my inspiration for color, composition and style. His paintings for one explore a vast array of colors that I hope to use and explore myself as I advance in the Painting BFA program. He also creates such engaging spaces with dynamic uses of simple lines and shapes. It is the nonobjective that I find personally stimulating, it is something that can engage me as a viewer without relying on a preconceived notion of what it is. The painting on the left really makes use of a chaotic order that builds and builds upon itself while filling the space and almost leaping out towards the viewer. The openness in the background is created by a tactful use of an yellow ochre tint that gives the viewer the crucial areas of rest for their eyes. This is something that I wish to emulate in my own paintings to come. The painting on the right is an example of some of his more regimented and ordered works. It still is open and nonobjective but it has more clearly defined shapes in more recognizable geometric patterns. However he is still able to create an open floating space with perspective lines and open moments for the canvas and the viewer to breathe. I hope to be able to see one of his works in real life so that I can really experience his work.

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