Week 3 Yarn Project

The week of installation slowly progressed from confusing to exciting. On Monday, we came in thinking that the yarn installation would be much more clear cut and simple than we had anticipated. I think we were all a little frustrated, since we were not exactly sure what we had gotten ourselves into. Personally, I was frustrated since I thought working with yarn would be much easier, and I couldn’t even make  a simple braid in under 30 minutes.

However, by the end of the day, our I think we worked really well together by expressing our opinions with the group, and eliminating and providing our ideas. By Wednesday, we had a much more clear cut idea with incorporating the hoop, and from there, it was simply installing and attaching the strings to the ceilings, walls, and hoops. Ultimately, I was incredibly impressed with how our group meshed and what the installation grew to be. I really loved how the concept were captured and that each group member played their part.


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