line in space Project

As me and Woody  had found the window as the place for our project, it was clear that we both wanted to work on a piece that would utilize both the outside and the inside, and connect them in some way that we both found interesting, preferably using the window.

We went through more or less an hour worth of ideas, with ideas ranging from creating a fish tank illustration on the glass, to apocalyptic scenarios,ocean vistas,freeze frames, photo recreation, perspective lines (almost study like) and others I can’t really recall. as we discussed, we both agreed that we had an opportunity to focus on perspective,and perception. We wanted to play with the image outside in a unique way, something that would be difficult to recreate in any other way.we landed on the idea of simplifying the forms of buildings and scenery with lines from multiple perspective.

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The idea was interesting enough, and more realistic than most others, given the time we had and the materials available, sure it was watered down mostly due to time, but the more we worked on it, the better I felt about it.As we worked, we saw the sun slowly move, and the shadows with it,I believe it was Woody who first took notice of it, since he was the one being blinded by the light.


Most of the challenge after figuring out what to do was to stay put while putting the lines which were further from our bodies,and that challenge created an interesting aspect for the piece, since I was afraid to move , my lines ( The yellow ones) were mostly focused on on my reach, while Woodys lines were much further, but lost continuity much more often. This gave both colors distinctive personalities, which delighted me.

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