Wire Sculpture III, The Final Finale or the Conclusion

It was interesting to follow  the development and help with the molding of this project, and through clashes of ideas and the how stubborn we were, I think it is more than interesting that the main concept behind this piece is struggle

Working in the piece was repetitive,tiring and slow, truly not a walk in the park, however, I feel very proud to have helped to create this head.i know this was not my original group, but I’m glad I changed, however, I still feel like,even though we worked every day over the spring break, often for more than 6 hours, we could have had more time to make the project more ideal, certain aspects were changed due to time constraints, and even though our project was really ambitious, I still wish I could see it completely realized.

Then there is the in group controversy,the implementation of the drawings.I still feel very negative towards the drawings implementation, and I feel that they could have been implemented in a more interesting way. I also feel that there is an inconsistency on the treatment of the drawings,as well as of the quotes. I feel like most of the time lost to the drawings could’ve been used towards the wire,and distribution of work (and the wall) could’ve been more even.

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That is not to say that I disliked the time I spent working on it, even though there was struggle,  there was also joy in it. While working on the project I got to work with people I really admire and got to understand and learn a lot about stuff that I wouldn’t otherwise.In conclusion, I feel that we could’ve been more efficient on some aspects,while focusing on the main idea of the project, rather than losing our focus on secondary endeavors .

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