Drawing Into Space Opening

The opening was a success, we had a good turnout. Everyone finished their projects on time and cleaned up for the opening. We did it fam. Dreaming into Space was an interesting project, the use of light as a drawing on the wall was a good concept what was done well by the team with each panel being an original artwork by each member. The drawing and fabric team created nice drawings with a very interesting string chandelier in the middle. While each project was vastly different from each other in concept and visual approach they all came together through the idea of “Drawing into Space”One thing I noticed is that in each piece there was a certain level of interaction with the audience, whether it was dodging strings to having the shadows on the audience to the audience writing on the wall, each one had a interaction with the audience whether intended or not. Its seems as though everyone enjoyed their time seeing the exhibition. The panel went pretty well too. I thought it was good experience as an artist to talk about to your work to an engaging audience and to witness your work during an opening to see what it is like.









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