March 17th 2016 at 5pm was the gallery opening for Drawing Into Space collaborative art installations. Before the gallery opening, we had the panel discussion where we discussed the concepts of each group’s piece and the process of collaborating and making art. I found the panel to be a little nerve wracking since public speaking isn’t my thing, but I think it went really well and it helps to know what to expect for future art panel discussions. The gallery opening had such a good turn out and was rewarding for me to see all those people looking at the work we did.

Wide view of Inner-Twined installation

I really enjoyed the process of creating work for a collaborative piece. I think that our group worked well since everyone contributed to the installation and completed everything on time. The fact that the installation had the personal space pieces that were solely done by one artist helped to include everyone in their own unique styles. This made the final portion of the string sculptural piece collaborative and interesting because everyone helped to shape the end product of the yarn coming out into space.


Close up of Inner-Twined installation


Close up, my personal space.

Overall, Inner-Twined art installation and the show was very successful and a rewarding experience.


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