Cardboard project

This was project had the goal of exploring the concept of a drawing in a three-dimensional space or object. We used cardboard to develop a three-dimensional object and incorporate some sort of drawing in to it or use it as a drawing. I decided to develop something organic like some sort of a flower and […]

Final thoughts on Drawing in Space show

The show overall was a total success. All the teams gave their all. It truly showed in the final pieces. If I would pick a favorite, I would pick the light/shadow drawings by Brittney’s group. It achieved an atmosphere that strongly correlated with the subject matter. It gave a sense of dream space. Good job, […]

Final Look-back at the Dream Team

In the end, everything worked out just fine! The space Before we had been worried about the ceiling reflecting drew’s drawing clearly. We made a flat white surface for reflection ¬†with a stretched canvas. We ripped the center and sewed it back up during installation. As for the amount of darkness, we finished and hung […]