Final Look-back at the Dream Team

IMG_2142In the end, everything worked out just fine!

The space

Before we had been worried about the ceiling reflecting drew’s drawing clearly. We made a flat white surface for reflection  with a stretched canvas. We ripped the center and sewed it back up during installation. As for the amount of darkness, we finished and hung the hanging wall. It was not a dark as we had hoped, so we adjusted with adding blackout curtains. the space was dark an reflected the images just as we had hoped. However in the end the real problem to tackle was the light itself.

The lights

We created a structure of small flexible led lights which allowed each image to be clearer. The lighting was a tricky process, we ended up using about 6 different trial bulbs before one of our group members thought of the led light.

All in all the show was a success and I was very proud of our work. Not just our project but the whole class had great things to show.


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