Final thoughts on Drawing in Space show

The show overall was a total success. All the teams gave their all. It truly showed in the final pieces. If I would pick a favorite, I would pick the light/shadow drawings by Brittney’s group. It achieved an atmosphere that strongly correlated with the subject matter. It gave a sense of dream space. Good job, guys.

On my part, now that everything is over I don’t know how I feel about the end product. If anybody would ask me how I feel about the whole thing, i would have to say that I have mix feelings about it. On one hand, i feel satisfied with the fact that something not too many people believed possible was done. On the other, i feel that I was not successful in achieving my vision.

There are many variables that amount to the source of my dissatisfaction. For starters, I set to do something way above my skills, something unknown. Even though I set myself up with this kind of thinking all the time in order to reach higher levels of skill, i did not take time, budget, team interaction, among other things into consideration. I just kept constantly wondering about my resolve. What were my motives behind this endeavour? How did this fit into my goals and the big picture? Was i being honest with myself? These were constant questions that were roaming inside of me during this long journey. Self-doubt is normal in any endeavour. It is wise to constantly check oneself.

Of all the comments and feedback i received, one of them really stroke home with me. We both agreed that i needed more experimentation with the media to actually be able to achieve what i really intended to do. Moreover, the line quality made by the wire was being lost because the mesh was covering it, and the overall sculpture did not relate well with the portraits in the background due to the different drawing styles.

Perhaps in the future i would explore this medium again and be in a better position to experiment with it. Who knows… In the end I am grateful for the opportunity to have been able to tackle and extraordinary idea and bring it to life with the help of great classmates i got to know better. Fun times…


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