Gallery Project Proposals

Drawing Into Space “individual artist proposals”

Our class will be installing a drawing exhibition in the downstairs Rowe Galleries immediately following spring break.

Here’s our schedule.

Monday, Feb. 8 – Work on Projects 1-6 (all due on Feb. 22)
Mon-Tues 2/8-9 — Submission dates: 2014 Annual Juried Student Exhibition; (10 AM – 4 PM)
Wednesday, Feb. 10 – Work on Projects 1-6 (all due on Feb. 22); Homework: Research Blog Post #5
Saturday, February 13 — McColl Center Open Studio Saturday (sign-up)

Monday, Feb. 15 – class cancelled for inclement weather
Wednesday, Feb. 17 – Proposals & presentations due! (class will choose best concepts – create groups); strategize materials for collaborative project

Monday, Feb. 22 – Projects 1-4 due, along with documentation of small group Projects 5 & 6 posted to the blog; work day – small groups meet w/ faculty to discuss execution plans
Wednesday, Feb. 24 – work day; Homework: Process blog post (may include images and writing related to your collaborative project)

Monday, Feb. 29 – small group in progress critiques; work day
Wednesday, Mar. 2 – final in class work day (NASAD visit day); Homework: Process blog post (may include images and writing related to your collaborative project)

Monday, Mar. 7 – Spring Break
Wednesday, Mar. 9 – Spring Break
Saturday, March 12 — McColl Center Open Studio Saturday (sign-up)

Monday, Mar. 14 – Gallery installation
Tuesday, Mar. 15 – Gallery installation
Wednesday, Mar. 16 – Finish up: lighting/labels
Thursday, Mar. 174-5PM Exhibition Panel Discussion; 5-7PM Exhibition Reception
Exhibition title: Drawing Into Space: Works by UNCC/McColl AIR Hollis Hammonds and Students from the Department of Art & Art History. (March 17–30, 2016)

Project Proposal Instructions:

You will write a short proposal to be turned in at the time of your presentation. Answer the following questions.

  1. What is your big conceptual idea? (for example: I am interested in the relationship between memory and sensory perception. Or I want to express ideas of equality through my art.) These are the big ideas that your work addresses.
  1. What subject matter will you pursue? (I will do a series of landscape paintings. Or I will use the figure as my subject, more specifically I will do 7 self-portrait paintings Or I will be drawing abstract lines and shapes that reinforce my conceptual idea…) What are the actual sources of your imagery?
  1. Which materials and techniques will you use? (for example: This piece will be made from 100 small ink drawings on paper. Or For this project I want to explore expressive drawing techniques using ink and charcoal on paper.) What media and substrates will you use? What scale will it be? How will it be executed (style)?
  1. Who are you researching, or whose work are you inspired by for this piece? Show their work and explain how it pertains to or has inspired some part of your project.
  1. Be specific about your installation or sculptural work. How large will it be? Where do you want to install it in the gallery? Is it hanging from the ceiling, on the wall, on the floor, freestanding, and so on.

You will also give a digital presentation on Monday, February 15th.

Your images in your slide presentation should correspond to the questions above. You may include images of your own work (if relevant); images related to your concept, subject matter, media/technique; images of other artists or inspirations.

Remember!!! Your proposals should be directly related to drawing, but should in some way address our theme: Drawing Into Space.