Working on this show is certainly an experience I will never forget.  I had never worked collaboratively on a project before, and now that I have I can honestly say, it is not as bad as I thought it would be, but it is extremely challenging.  It is never easy to work with people who […]

Wire Sculpture III, The Final Finale or the Conclusion

It was interesting to follow  the development and help with the molding of this project, and through clashes of ideas and the how stubborn we were, I think it is more than interesting that the main concept behind this piece is struggle Working in the piece was repetitive,tiring and slow, truly not a walk in […]

Wire Sculpture II, The Middle

Today,production has increased considerably, thanks to our collaborative ideas, we were able to create what is basically a wire bending machine.It also helps that we have summoned Dan, who I’m pretty sure has been around, working on other projects, but we appreciate his help regardless.This development gives me a lot of confidence that we’ll have […]

Wire Sculpture I, The Begining

We started  the process to the wire sculpture, I twisted a lot of wire and Javier worked on the nose, I’m a bit concerned that it might be too big, but I’m sure he has a plan, also a bit concerned that we wont be able to produce enough wire in time,I’ll keep doing my […]

line in space Project

As me and Woody  had found the window as the place for our project, it was clear that we both wanted to work on a piece that would utilize both the outside and the inside, and connect them in some way that we both found interesting, preferably using the window. We went through more or […]

Week 3 Yarn Project

The week of installation slowly progressed from confusing to exciting. On Monday, we came in thinking that the yarn installation would be much more clear cut and simple than we had anticipated. I think we were all a little frustrated, since we were not exactly sure what we had gotten ourselves into. Personally, I was […]

Seung Mo Park

This Korean sculpture’s are something to be marvelled. His work seems to have an existentialist kind of thematic. He studies how all parts of something as a whole makes up the actual object. For example, one of his pieces is a grand piano beautifully covered in aluminum wired. This questions whether the piano is still […]

Final Installation

I ended up very pleased with our final product. It came together very nicely with our color choices and the way we brought colors from one piece to another. We made it so no yarn end was clearly visible and everything was draped as loops or pulled straight but it was very uniform and I […]

Post Exhibit

Week of the show/week after: Monday was spent working on the installation yarn piece, which we were able to set up the base for the installation. We were unsure, as a group however as to what the installation should look like. By the end of Monday Rachael and Hollis had started the design, which gave […]