Andy Goldsworthy (research)

I first learned of Andy Goldsworthy in my Conceptual Practices class with Professor Rothrock. We were doing an assignment that dealt with nature and manipulating it in someway. I think his work, and specifically the ones I picked, really exemplify a spatial drawing. Andy almost always only uses materials that he finds on location so the work is impacted heavily by what the space provides. In the first one it appears he used a thing grass or vine of some kind to enunciate the circular contours of the stones and draw attention to the space they fill. There is a sense of movement that is reminiscent of orbital charts that I personally enjoy about it. The second image relies heavily on the colors available from the fallen leaves of nearby trees. The glowing contour that is created by the yellow leaves totally changes the way the tree stands in the space. The final image is a motif of sorts he replicates in various mediums but this one is exquisite in its own right because it is a loose construction of twigs that create a full circular form due to its reflection off the surface of water. We perceive a tunnel like space yet its all just an illusion that will change over the course of the day. Another aspect of his work that I find really intriguing is how impermanent they are. Their essence is captured in the one photo but as time goes the leaves or sticks will blow away or decay, surely changing the aesthetic and maybe even the concept of the original work. He is manipulating the space but not attempting to tame or contain it.

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